Time for a revival

You will only understand Alsace wines when you go to a local, traditional French restaurant. Here you get fabulous choucroute (sounds better and tastes more elegant than Sauerkraut…) served with hearty sausages, which fits perfectly with rich and savoury Alsatian Riesling. Smoked goose breast served on salad of lentils tastes heavenly with full-bodied, not too dry Pinot Gris. Very ripe, creamy and a bit stinky Munster cheese is melting in your mouth and asking for the perfumed bouquet and oily texture of a not too dry Gewurztraminer and when you get wild fowl like pheasant it matches with the local, not too heavy Pinot Noir. But the best here is goose liver – in the elegant bourgeouise restaurants they save so self-evidently goose liver of the highest quality imaginable. It’s just terrine, perfectly seasoned, served with delicious brioche and not something over-engineered, fancy with foam, jelly and exploding powder. It is this kind of cuisine that is made to please the guests and not to massage the ego of the chef. Alsatian wines are the perfect match for this food. My dear friends, it’s time for a revival!