Some vintage information

2011: Good vintage in a quaffable and faster developing way


2010: Good classical vintage with high acidity and good concentration


2009: Outstanding vintage - very healthy grapes and therefore pure varietal character – heat wave in summer could have caused in very poor soils some hydric stress. Overall less acidity than 2008.


2008: Outstanding classical vintage, no severe heat spells and therefore a great vintage with a lot of concentration and a balanced high acidity.


2007: Very good classical vintage. Very long ripening period and no excessive rain.


2006: Not good vintage because of rain in September caused a lot of rot.


2005: Good vintage - very warm ripening conditions brought fruity and full-bodied wines


2004: Good vintage - summer offered quite mixed weather conditions and the harvest took place at  cool temperatures. Wines have very fresh acidity and a lighter body.


2003: Not good vintage - As everywhere incredibly hot and most of the wines are already over the top.


2002: Good vintage – less concentrated and focused as 2001


2001: Outstanding vintage – warm but dry conditions in the end of the ripening period brought ripe, healthy grapes – ripe and full-bodied wines. 


2000: Very good vintage

Some vintage information
Some vintage information