Serious Rosé - Wine from the region Provence

Figures show what we had already in our guts. Rosé has been around for years. This category now accounts for 10% of the world wine trade. At the same time, wine lovers are no longer interested in simple, pink-colored wines with „Hello Kitty“ label. Instead of sweet, raspberry red simple booze, nowadays serious rosé wines are sought after. Especially the wines from the South of France enrich the world of Rosé.


In southern countries, the idea is particularly popular, to macerate red grapes only briefly, and then remove them immediately, so that some color is removed from the skins, but no tannin. Because around the Mediterranean it is often too hot to produce crisp white wines, but you still want to offer a wine that can be cooled on the table in the summer. If you simply put the strong red wines on ice, the tannin would taste even more angularly at the low temperatures. Logically, you prefer to buy Rosé.


France is the largest producer of pink wines. Particularly in the Provence, where high-class, dry Rosé from Grenache, Carignan and Cinsault grape varieties perfectly matches the local cuisine. Like the legendary fish soup "Bouillabaisse", which is prepared with different seafood, tomatoes, fennel, garlic and saffron or the salad niçoise. No other wine suits better than a dry Provence Rosé like this one from Maison Aix. Here, the vines thrive at an altitude of more than 400m and therefore retain a pleasant freshness. The Rosé is shows aromas of cherries, grapefruit, white flowers and Mediterranean herbs. It is powerful complex and shows a nearly salty minerality. Despite its 13% alcohol, it feels fresh, squeeze and tastes extremely good. A Rosé of drinking pleasure and perfect match for so many summer dishes.


By the way, with Rosé the principle "you’re drinking with your eyes first". The color clearly belongs to the marketing mix and signals with great certainty the wine-style one can expect. If the rosé is rather bright or even lurid pink, the probability of having an intense, fruity and lovely wine is great. If the color is more like a salmon color, the taste will be more restraint and dry. The alcohol content is another important indication. A wine with less than 12% vol. Alcohol will be fruity. Also revealing is the label design. If the whole presentation suggests that "Princess Lillifee" could have founded this winery personally, you can expect a certain superficial fruitiness.


2016 Aix Rosé / Maison Saint Aix / Provence